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Hot Tubs & Saunas

Hot Tubs are renowned for their relaxation and relaxation capabilities. Hot and cold water jets provide a unique well-being. A time usually shared with family or friends.

The immersion of the body in the warm waters stimulates the circulation, relieves the muscular tensions and calms the pains.

The Hot Tubs allow the total control of their operation, leaving to each one the choice of the direction of the multiple jets or the temperature to which they want the water.

The water treatment of the Hot Tubs is guaranteed by an ozonator and a filter cartridges, which filter the particular dirt of the water, while disinfecting it.

Hot Tubs with mobile
Hot Tubs with furniture are built to be used on the surface and in existing spaces. The wood is coated on the outside so that they can easily integrate into the enclosure.

Hot Tubs without furniture
Spas without movable, or recessed, are designed to be buried in the ground, therefore having no external structure.

Dimensions and capacities
Hot Tubs can vary greatly in size. From 2 persons up to 12, with spas with furniture tending to be smaller than built-in spas. Depending on the shape of the spa, its capacity varies. It can be designed to support people lying down or sitting down, many of whom can handle both situations.

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