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The essential condition to enjoy your swimming pool is to have clean, crystal clear water. This requires that your water filter system works perfectly. It is the filter and pump that is responsible for circulating the water in your pool and filtering the foreign bodies.

Sand Filters
Sand filters are the most commonly used system for filtering water from family pools. They are extremely reliable since they guarantee good results without needing great maintenance, just simple periodic operations. Its effectiveness reduces the consumption of chemicals. They are constructed of anti-corrosion materials of high resistance, which guarantee a high durability.

The filters are accompanied by a selector valve that allows controlling the flow of water and the directions in which it flows. This valve allows effortless washing of the filter, simple water circulation, filtration of the same or even empty the pool. The filters may have this valve on the top or side, depending on the size of the filter and the conditioners of the place where the equipment will be installed.

Whatever the size of the pool there will always be a suitable sand filter.

The pumps are designed to circulate pool water. Thanks to the components and materials they are made of, they have the ability to work long periods uninterruptedly, without the noise level hampering your rest.

The pumps are fitted with a pre-filter, a small basket that collects larger dirt such as leaves or insects, so that they do not reach the filter and do not soil the sand, thus reducing the amount of times you need to wash the filter .

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